Monday, May 29, 2006

Breaking news! Nothing has happened!

As the currently running threads here are rapidly devolving into the same kind of flamefests of anonymous sniping that very well might be the reason Plastic is down in the first place, a new one is long overdue. May I suggest that all trolls and semi-trolls keep their comments to the threads already running, and let's try to make this one moderately civil, mmkay?

So, what has happened during the last week of Plastic outage? As far as I know, nothing at all. If anyone knows whether the almighty Carl has said anything of import, please post in the discussion. I have heard rumours that the site was going to be up saturday, sunday and now today. Obviously, none of those estimates were correct, so it's probably reasonable to take future such with a slew of salt.

If you have long logs to post, please post them here instead and then provide the link. I think we had a little too many comments that went on for pages in the last thread.

For the next blog post here, I'm thinking of running an actual story unrelated to Plastic's demise or non-demise. Because, let's face it, everyone who reads this blog is sufficiently addicted to Plastic to need a fix badly by now. It would be pretty naive to expect such a thread to turn into something even remotely resembling a normal Plastic discussion, but we can at least try. So if anyone has any topic suggestions, please post (or, alternatively, email them).

PS. If anyone wants to post about this "kym" business, please first explain why anyone could be expected to care about it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's semi-official: Plastic is down for good

From the irc log (courtesy of DrCron):

    May 22 15:51:40 plastic is closing on july 1st.
    May 22 15:57:39 shutdown. for good
    May 22 16:16:16 * carl has quit (signoff)

Is it true? Who knows. Then there's also this earlier log:

    May 16 20:05:48   Difficult to post a status message
    when you don't know the status. Plastic was down;
    when you went to Plastic, it was down. Status provided.
    May 16 20:07:11 They actually would have changed it the
    other way, a couple centuries ago.
    16 20:08:12 They weren't gonna have words spelled just
    the way any old person spelled them.
    May 16 20:08:19 carl I still believe you relied too
    heavily on people realizing that chat was still up.
    May 16 20:09:51 Always good when Plastic's members are aware
    of the entire Plastic family of fine network products.
    May 16 20:11:49 Remember how you wouldn't tell your little
    brother you were all going away for vacation? Hoping he'd
    leave after awhile and never come back?
    May 16 20:16:32 carl.
    May 16 20:17:45 "super."
    May 16 20:19:29 But yes, I should probably make the tag line
    "Plastic - Nobody ever promised 24/7. You're kidding, right?"
    May 16 20:21:57 The thing is with these expectations is that
    I need the slack, when everybody around me asks me why I'm
    even doing it. The more it needs to be justified, the more
    difficult it is to justify.
    May 16 20:25:09 I just have to create something automated when
    things aren't a problem, so T_Slothrop can have his status page.
    May 16 20:25:52 But Dean told me not to automate anything based
    on DNS. Bad, bad idea, he said.
    May 16 20:26:48 carl is most delightful when one has no
    May 16 20:28:22 Even if I make the "Please stand by" screens more
    standard, so I don't have to come up with something to say.
    May 16 20:31:12 That's the real problem. I don't want to say
    anything until I know what I'm saying. Because if I say the
    wrong thing, make a bad estimate, then I'm savaged. Pilloried.
    May 16 20:32:57 Anyway, we had no machine from which to broadcast
    said status message, T_Slothrop. We just went from three to two.
    I have to find another sucker.
    May 16 20:33:17 Three to two locations, that is.
    May 16 20:35:22 All I got going for me nowadays is the guilt of
    others. The damn sell-outs.
    May 16 20:38:41 I might work something out. If I stay away from
    the meta discussion so I don't get upset.
    May 16 20:40:11 I won't feel the usual guilt, then.
    May 16 20:41:54 BTW, I suppose that's a good a place as any for
    mentioning I'm not done, and the site's gonna go down again.
    May 16 20:43:17 Good good.

What's so bad about just having a chat is that I'm just learning of these conversations now, as is, I'm sure, many others. It would have helped a lot to have things like these quoted in the meta thread.

I guess that's part of what this blog is for. If any of you have any more logs of interest, please post in the comment section.

Down Again

After coming back to life on the 13th of May, Plastic was up for ten straight days. Since yesterday, the 23th of May, Plastic is down again. Thus this blog, which lives in a kind of reverse symbiosis with Plastic, has been resurrected. This time, the situation is apparently even worse than previously, because now even the irc server seems to be down. Since that is the only well known gathering place for Plasticians, it seems unlikely that many of them will find each other, and receive updates about the outage, at all. Some have taken the discussion to Wikipedia, but the average user is unlikely to think of this.

During the previous outage, a meta discussion about the outage received more than 200 posts, most of them essentially saying something like "Carl doesn't owe you anything, and it's back anyway. Stop whining. If you wanted to find out what was going on, you could have just gone to the chat." It remains to be seen whether this will be the prevailing attitude when Plastic comes back up this time as well.

It might also be worth remarking that users with karma less than 35 have still seen no discussion on Plastic regarding the previous outage, since there was a karma threshold even for viewing the last meta thread. If they haven't been to the irc server, it most likely remains a complete mystery for them, and now they are getting screwed again. It is quite possible that following this outage, only the frequent posters will remain faithful to the site.

If anyone has a word from Carl or any other news about what is going on this time, please post in the comment section.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Custom kernels, yadda yadda

Well, nobody seems to care enough to be bothered by writing for this blog as of yet. Presumably they all prefer to read endless irc logs. In any case, here's the current status:

The old custom kernels from a couple years back are incompatible with the packet inspection that's now taking place in hardware before it reaches the web application servers. So the web app has to be patched to not rely on the custom environment anymore.

That's straight from Carl's mouth, or at least from someone in the chat who uses Carl's nick. Is it true? What does it mean? When will Plastic be back? Nobody knows.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Plastic is dead! Long live Plastic!

Vladimir: That passed the time.
Estragon: It would have passed in any case.
Vladimir: Yes, but not so rapidly.
--Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

Welcome! If you have managed to find your way here, you probably already know that Plastic (no use following that link, duh) has been down for over a week, that this is supposed to be the result of a DDoS attack, that Carl occasionally shows up in chat and makes cryptic remarks about mispatched kernels and what have you, and that many people suspect this to be the end of Plastic as we know it. If not, well, that's the way it is.

So what's this blog about? Primarily, it's supposed to contain discussions about Plastic's demise and the extent to which it has been exaggerated. However, in case the cabal gets too homesick, we (Who is "we"? I'll get to that in a moment) will consider posting the occasional Bush bashing thread so you can have a go at it in the comment section. That way we can keep the spirit alive until Plastic comes back up (which will happen, one way or another).

Who's running this blog, then? Well, right now: me, a random AI. But pay no attention to that, because soon I'll have Plastic's Finest in charge. I'll invite some long time members of Plastic in the chat, give them the password, and then they'll take over. I'm aware that this is a risky procedure, since anyone can impersonate anyone in the chat. But, alas, I have no better idea. If you're not invited, but would like to post a story nonetheless, send a message to Think of that adress as the submission queue, sans the snarkiness.

Oh, and if someone has any idea how to change the layout of this blog to something more Plastic-like (perhaps with a modified Plastic icon or something like that), please do tell. I can't figure out how this damn thing works.

May Carl be with you!